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Can I wash and dry the merino shirt in the dryer? Caring for merino clothing

With proper care, merino clothing can boast excellent condition and a longer lifespan, helping you save money while helping to protect the environment. Therefore, it is important to know the correct procedures for washing and drying merino clothing, as well as the proper storage and care of it during wear. In our article, we have focused on some important information and tips that will help you keep your merino clothing in perfect condition.

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What is merino clothing?

Merino clothing is becoming increasingly popular due to its exceptional properties such as softness, odor resistance and ability to retain warmth in cold weather. Merino clothing is made from the wool of merino sheep, which are bred mainly in Australia and New Zealand. This type of clothing is often used for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or cross-country skiing, and it also becomes a part of everyday clothing.

How to wash a merino shirt

Merino T-shirts are a common element of merino clothing and their washing requires special attention.

Here are some steps to properly wash a merino t-shirt:

1. Choosing the right detergent

When choosing a detergent, it is important to choose one that is gentle on merino fiber. Some detergents can be too aggressive and damage the delicate fibers of merino clothing. It is better to stick to natural detergents that are gentler on textiles.

2. Temperature and method of washing

Merino T-shirts should always be washed in cold water, as warm water can cause the garment to shrink or distort. When washing in a washing machine, it is advisable to choose a gentle program and it is recommended to use a laundry net that protects clothes from stretching or other damage.

3. Hand washing vs. washing in the washing machine

Hand washing a merino t-shirt is the safest choice as it allows you to directly control and adjust the washing process. When washing by hand, use mild detergents and do not scrub the clothes too hard to avoid damaging them. After rinsing in cold water, you can gently press the shirt to remove excess water.

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How to dry a merino shirt

Proper drying of a merino t-shirt is just as important as proper washing. Here are some tips to help you keep your merino shirt in perfect condition:

1. Proper air drying

It is best to let the merino t-shirt air dry on a flat surface, such as a drying board. The T-shirt should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as UV radiation can damage the delicate fibers of the merino clothing.

2. Drying in a dryer and its risks

Some merino shirts can be tumble dried, but only at a low temperature. High temperatures in the dryer can cause clothing to shrink or distort, so it’s best to avoid tumble drying altogether if possible.

3. Do not use an iron

Merino T-shirts should not be ironed, as the high temperatures of the iron can damage the fibers of the clothing. If you want to remove folds or wrinkles, it is recommended to lay the shirt flat and let it hang freely for several hours.

Merino T-shirts are high-quality and highly functional pieces of clothing that are suitable for various activities. Their care requires special attention, because the delicate fibers of merino clothing can be easily damaged by inappropriate washing or drying. However, with proper care, merino shirts can last for many years and still look like new. If you are going to invest in merino clothing, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the proper care for other types of clothing, such as merino sweaters or merino pants.

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Care of merino clothing during storage and wearing

In order to keep merino clothing in good condition for a long time, it is important to store and wear it inadequately. Below are some tips for caring for merino clothing during storage and wear.

Storage of merino clothing

There are several factors to consider when storing merino clothing, such as temperature, humidity and light. Merino clothing should be stored in a dry, dark place to minimize exposure to sunlight and thermal changes. If the clothes are stored for a longer period, for example during the summer season, it is advisable to store them in an airtight clothing bag to minimize exposure to moisture and dust.

Wearing merino clothing

Merino clothing is suitable for various activities and can be worn throughout the year. When wearing merino clothing, it is important to consider that it is a delicate and soft fiber that can be easily damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid wearing merino clothing during activities that could damage the fibers, such as sports activities or gardening.

Removing stains and unpleasant odors

When removing stains from merino clothing, it is important to take care not to damage the fibers of the clothing. It is recommended to remove the stain immediately after it appears to minimize damage. When removing stains, it is recommended to use a mild detergent and cold water.

Do not use too hot water or strong detergents as they can damage the delicate fibers of merino clothing. In addition, merino clothing can absorb unpleasant odors such as sweat after several uses.

To remove these odors, we recommend airing the merino clothing regularly in the fresh air. If necessary, you can wash the clothes, but only use mild detergents and remember to follow the instructions on the clothing label. Overall, taking care of merino clothing is just as important as choosing quality clothing. By following these simple tips for storing, wearing and caring for merino clothing, you can extend its life and keep it in great condition for a long time.

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