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Forget long-term results from dieting – only a healthy lifestyle will bring you results

With summer approaching, we’re seeing a deluge of lightning diets promising the perfect swimsuit figure. Despite the wealth of information available to us today, it’s hard to resist the tempting idea of ​​losing pounds quickly. Losing weight takes more effort than just stirring a drink or wrapping it in foil.

Before you begin your journey, you should know:

Losing weight isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

You’ve gained extra pounds over the years. You can’t take a month to fall.

Why do we never get long-term results from dieting?

A slim figure is automatically associated with health. It is not so. You can reach your dream weight and still not feel good. Adipose tissue will predominate in your organism. Your goal should be to build muscle. However, dieting is all about achieving your desired weight. But what happens afterwards? We revert to old habits because diets are unsustainable.

Every diet works the same way – you create a calorie deficit so you burn more than you take in. However, with a drastic diet, the calorie deficit is huge, you don’t provide the body with enough protein and nutrients, and so your weight loss consists mainly of muscle and water loss. Keeping fat is beneficial for the body – it represents an energy reserve. But it will affect your figure and health.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about weight—it’s about how you feel good about your body

Adequate protein intake, healthy diet made from quality ingredients, adequate sleep and drinking regime. All of these are pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Even if it sounds unbelievable at the beginning of your journey, after a while the lost weight is no longer as important to you as a good mood, lots of energy and a good feeling about your performance.

Don’t know how to start moving?

Reach for beautiful Kallys sportswear made from recycled plastic, which is good for nature and at the same time gives you the right impetus and motivation. A healthy weight loss diet can be full of goodies that you’ll want to come back to again and again. It will teach you how to cook properly and make sure you have enough energy for everything you need. You cannot achieve this with a drastic diet. Thanks to regular exercise and a healthy diet, your curves will be irresistible and mostly muscle. A solid figure isn’t instant, but it’s worth it.




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