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Healthy nutrition and sport – the basis of a healthy lifestyle II.

A healthy lifestyle and sport clearly belong together. Daily exercise energizes your body and mind, so you’ll quickly become addicted to it. Sport can improve your life and help you on the way to your dream adventures. So why not start living healthier today?

Why exercise regularly?

Regular exercise improves fitness, helps to lose weight and build muscle. The choice of physical activity depends on what you enjoy and what your goal is. However, any sport or physical activity will benefit you.

You’ll appreciate getting enough exercise throughout the day. It relieves pent-up stress, and when you exercise, hormones are released that fill you with joy and happiness. This will make you feel better and more confident overall. Do you have trouble falling asleep and often wake up at night? Half an hour of exercise a day is enough and you will sleep better too.

These aren’t all the benefits of regular exercise. Thanks to this, your body can maintain muscle mass, which slows down its aging. You also strengthen your health through training. Your immunity, brain, digestive system and heart will appreciate it.

Have we convinced you? For all your activities you need sportswear made of functional materials. KALLYS Sportswear also relies on muscle compression, which supports your performance and helps with regeneration. Each piece will also meet your demands for stylish design and comfort.

Don’t forget a healthy diet!

As we mentioned in the first part of this article, a healthy diet is also important. Focus on foods that are minimally processed, avoid semi-finished products, sugary drinks, sweets, sausages and the like. If you want to spoil yourself, do so in moderation. “Ordinary” raw materials provide the body with the most useful substances. When you look at your plate, half should be made up of vegetables and fruit, one quarter protein and the rest carbohydrates. Ideally, cover your drinking regime with plain water and unsweetened tea.




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