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How do I choose the right Merino clothing?

We have put together an overview of the most important factors that you can use to select the most suitable merino wool.

Most manufacturers of Merino wool clothing use fibers with a thickness of 19 µm, exceptionally 17.5 µm (the leading manufacturers where you pay extra for such Merino wool), and many of them do not mention ´´the fineness´´ at all. In general, the lower the number, the finer the wool, the less scratchy it is. Classic wool (not merino wool) has a fiber strength of more than 25 microns. Clothing made from such wool is not twice as comfortable.

Merino wool has different fiber strengths. The smaller the micron thickness of the Merino wool fibers used to make the fabric, the higher the quality and the finer the wool.

Here are some examples of common qualities of merino wool:

  1. Coarse Merino Wool (22.6-24.5 microns)

Coarse merino wool is the coarsest and most durable type of merino fabric. Coarse merino wool normally reserved for outerwear and other textile applications that do not come in direct contact with the skin. Not suitable for blending with finer materials such as cotton, pulp or silk.

  1. Medium Merino (20.6-22.5 microns)

Medium merino wool is sometimes suitable for garments that will be worn next to the skin, but this type of wool is usually reserved for other uses where some degree of roughness is acceptable.

  1. Fine Merino Wool (18.6-20.5 microns)

Most merino clothing on the market is made from fine merino wool. It offers a very high wearing comfort.

However, heavier clothing should be in this gauge and therefore more suitable for autumn and winter use.

For clothes suitable for summer, this roughness is not very comfortable, and it is a cheaper option from wool.

  1. Superfine Merino Wool (16.6-18.5 microns). This is the outdoor product class KALLYS.

In this class, merino wool is beginning to compete with cashmere and other impressively fine wools. Fine merino wool can only be produced in small quantities, which increases the price of this material. However, it is very luxurious and comfortable to wear. For sensitive skin. It doesn’t scratch!

  1. Ultrafine Merino Wool <16.5 microns)

The finest Merino wool used to make clothing. Ultra soft. For sensitive skin. It doesn’t scratch!

Do you need merino wool for summer or winter?

Take a look at the individual weights of merino fabrics. In general, the higher the grammage, the warmer the merino clothing.

Classes of individual weights:

1.) <100g

Ultra light weight for hot conditions

2.) 100-150g

Ultra light weight for warm to hot conditions

3.) 150-170g

Light weight that can be carried all year round

4.) 170-200g

Low weight – still wearable all year round, warmer even on cold autumn and winter days

5.) 200-300 grams

Medium weight – suitable for cold and very cold conditions

6.) >300g

Heavy weight for the coldest conditions and expeditions

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