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If function is also beautiful – or why Kally’s clothes should be the basis of your wardrobe?

Choosing quality clothing for athletes is an area that is very often underestimated. It seems to them that functional clothing is either not financially available or that they can even work out in old jogging pants and a t-shirt.

Come and see with us today why this is a really big mistake and how Kally’s clothing will not only improve your sporting experience but the quality of your performance as well

1. Perfect moisture transport – an important parameter of any functional clothing. Thanks to the fact that sweat quickly penetrates the individual structures of the fabric, it quickly rises to the surface and you are always warm and dry. The functionality of the material also helps reduce sweating itself.

2. Freedom of movement – When doing sports, you must not let the material restrict you. Kally’s sportswear is designed to be elastic in all directions and also able to withstand stress during various sports activities – running, fitness, hiking and others.

3. High durability – our clothes do not deform or form lint even after frequent washing. Thanks to the production technology, it has good color fastness and long service life. The investment will pay off in the form of long-lasting comfort.

4. Material health – we athletes pay close attention to the quality of food, we balance our daily intake, we drink proteins. Because it has a major impact on our health. But we should also pay the same attention to the materials that make up our clothes. The fabric comes into contact with the skin almost all over the body. It is therefore extremely important that you wear fabrics that are free from chemicals and harmful dyes so that you wear clothing that does not irritate the skin. We keep a close eye on all of this at Kallys. Of course, we also offer clothing made from recycled materials (PET bottles).

5. Natural thermoregulation – high-quality functional clothing has very good heat insulation properties. It keeps you cool in hot weather and vice versa in cold weather.

6. Nice design for both men and women – we all want to look good and attractive – even when doing sports. That’s why at Kallys we really worked out the individual cuts and achieved a symbiosis, thanks to which our clothes shape the figure and at the same time are very comfortable and functional.

Sport and active leisure play an important role in our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you hike, do fitness, or run. Whether professional or hobby sport. That’s why we create and sell quality Kallys clothing that makes those moments more enjoyable for you and that you feel good in. Come and see for yourself!




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