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What are the main advantages of Tencel clothing?

  • Tencel is environmentally friendly

TENCEL™ fibers are biodegradable. The wood is sustainably produced in a closed process, which means that 99% of waste and water is reused/recycled.

Thanks to this sustainable production process, Tencel has received several awards, such as the “European Environment Prize”, which is awarded by the European Union.

  • Tencel absorbs moisture

A key benefit of Tencel is its ability to quickly wick moisture away from the skin. Compared to cotton, Tencel can absorb moisture and release it into the atmosphere about 50% faster. This makes it perfect for sports, summer weather, intimate apparel, or even bedding.

  • Tencel is breathable

Tencel is a very breathable material that keeps you cool in hot weather. This offers the benefit of helping to maintain and regulate body temperature and gives the fabric added versatility.

  • Tencel is antibacterial

Tencel is antibacterial, which means your clothes stay fresher for longer.

With KALLYS outdoor clothing, you can pack lighter because, for example, 1-2 T-shirts are sufficient for hikes lasting several days.

  • Tencel is comfortable

One of the main advantages of Tencel is its high quality and maximum comfort on the skin. Because of the fine fibers that are made, Tencel can be incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. TENCEL™ is twice as soft as cotton. Do not you think? Convince yourself, for example with SUPREME or SUPREME Silk T-shirts from the KALLYS outdoor collection.

  • Tencel does not wrinkle

This is particularly useful. Tencel is one of the few fabrics that doesn’t crease easily, and any creases that form in the fabric from prolonged wear can be easily smoothed out.

  • Tencel is versatile

One of the most important properties of Tencel is its versatility. Tencel is suitable for everything from softly flowing dresses or t-shirts to breathable bed linen, sportswear or elegant shirts. This is because eco-friendly fabrics have controllable fibrillation, meaning the fiber itself can be engineered to produce coarser or thinner fibers during production. Ideal for everything from silky smooth material to a firmer texture.

  • Tencel is ideal for sensitive skin

Tencel has the added benefit of being great for allergy-prone or sensitive skin. It’s a soft, smooth fiber that’s comfortable to the touch and wicks moisture quickly. It helps keep skin dry and prevent irritation.

It has excellent color fastness – no need to worry about faded colors. The dyes can penetrate deep into the fiber structure, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors.


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