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What burns fat better, strength training or cardio?

For many people, burning fat is a key part of the journey to a healthier and fitter body. However, while most people know that cardio and weight training can help burn fat, it’s not clear which of these training types is more effective. Opinions differ, so in this article we’ll look at how each of these training types helps burn fat, what their pros and cons are, and what effect their combination has on fat burning. Our goal is to give you a holistic view of what works best to burn fat so you can create the most effective training plan to achieve your goals.


Cardio training for fat burning

Cardio training usually consists of exercises that involve aerobic activity that increases heart rate and breathing rate. This is, for example, running, cycling, swimming, rowing or other activities that increase oxygen consumption and energy demand.

The mechanism of fat burning in cardio training is that during training the muscles move and use energy. When the body is in motion, muscles use carbohydrates, fats and proteins for energy. Cardio training increases fat burning because during exercise, muscles become the primary source of energy and use fat as fuel. In addition, cardio training increases the metabolism, which can help burn fat even after the workout.

Benefits of cardio training

• Improving cardiovascular health,

• increase in overall metabolism,

• improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety,

• as well as help with weight control and fat burning.

Disadvantages of cardio training

• They may include excessive stress on joints and muscles,

• loss of muscle mass,

• increasing fatigue and susceptibility to injuries.

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Strengthening for fat burning

Strength training increases strength, endurance and muscle volume. When strengthening, free weights or machines are usually used, which make it possible to isolate and target train individual muscle groups. Strength training is characterized by intense training, where relatively heavy weights are used and exercises are done in sets and repetitions.

The principle of fat burning during strengthening consists in increasing the metabolism. When muscles work, microdamage is created in the muscle tissue that the body must repair. For muscle regeneration, the body consumes energy, which the body obtains from fat reserves. This means that weight training can directly help burn fat. In addition, increasing muscle mass can also help increase metabolism and fat burning even after the workout.

Benefits of strengthening

• include an increase in strength and endurance,

• improvement of muscle mass,

• increase in metabolism and fat burning even after training,

• prevention of muscle mass loss.

Disadvantages of strengthening

• increased risk of injury during incorrect exercise,

• excessive stress on joints and muscles,

• as well as an increased risk of muscle pain and muscle spasms.


A combination of cardio and strength training for effective fat burning

A combination of cardio and strength training is a frequently used training program for effective fat burning. It utilizes the effects of cardiovascular training with elements of strength training to maximize fat burning and increase muscle mass.

The fat-burning mechanism of combining cardio and strength training is that cardio training helps increase the body’s overall energy expenditure, while strength training helps increase metabolism and fat burning even after the workout is over. This means that a combination of these two training programs can be very effective in burning fat.

The benefits of combining workouts include increased fat burning and increased muscle mass and strength. This combination may also help improve overall physical fitness and cardiovascular health. In addition, combining these training programs can bring more variety to the exercise regimen and prevent boring repetition of the same exercises.

However, be careful of excessive stress on muscles and joints, which brings an increased risk of injury, especially if the exercises are not performed correctly. Additionally, training programs that combine cardio and strength training can be more time-consuming and require more coordination and planning.

The importance of nutrition for burning fat

Proper nutrition is an important factor for effective fat burning. Not only does the right diet help keep body fat low, it can also help improve performance during workouts and speed up muscle recovery.

Avoid excessive caloric intake

One way to improve fat burning efficiency is to avoid excessive caloric intake. Excess calorie intake is stored in the body as fat and can reduce the effectiveness of training. Therefore, it is important to choose a diet low in fat and carbohydrates and focus on foods with a higher protein content.

Eat foods that promote fat burning

Certain foods can help increase fat burning in the body. For example, foods high in protein such as meat, fish and eggs can increase metabolism and promote fat burning. Equally important are foods with a high fiber content, which help maintain a feeling of satiety for a longer time and prevent overeating.

Avoid fast sugars

Eating foods high in quick sugars, such as sweets and junk food, can reduce fat burning efficiency. Fast sugars cause a sudden spike in blood sugar, causing the body to release insulin, which stores excess sugars as fat.


Based on the above information, it can be concluded that effective fat burning requires a combination of various training programs and proper nutrition. Both activities, cardio training and strength training, are useful for burning fat, while their combination can increase the effectiveness of training and help achieve faster results. When choosing a training program, one should take into account the individual goal and fitness level and, if necessary, consult with a personal trainer.

In addition to training programs, proper nutrition is also important for effective fat burning. It’s important to remember that effective fat burning isn’t just about reaching your ideal weight, it’s also about improving your health and well-being. Therefore, it is important to find a training program and nutrition plan that will be healthy and sustainable for long-term use.

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