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How can you shape and strengthen your breasts with exercise?

Did you know that there are several proven exercises that can help you get firmer, fuller, and larger breasts? No, it is not a utopia. And you can even do it by practicing at home! With the right exercises, you also strengthen the entire figure and improve the overall tension. The basis is a regular movement, in which the correct execution of the exercises is in the foreground.

In this blog we have prepared 5 exercises for you to practice at home. All you need is an exercise mat, leggings and a sports bra.

1. “Push-ups” against the wall – two repetitions of 20 x – stand about a meter from the wall. Place your palms against the wall, fingers ending at chin level. Elbows slightly stretched. With an exhale approach the wall, with an inhale spread your hand. Make sure your back is straight and your feet are hip-width apart.

2. Push-ups – two repetitions of 20 repetitions – the most well-known exercise for strengthening the chest muscles. You should ideally be doing clicks daily so your arms and pecs are strong enough. Kneel with just your palms (or just your fingers—the heavier version) and your toes touching the floor. As you exhale, slowly lower yourself to the ground, as you inhale, straighten up. The back should be straight, the stomach pulled in and the pelvis lowered the whole time. If you’re having a hard time, you can start with the so-called female push-ups – get on all fours, push your body forward and slowly begin to lower yourself to the floor on your hands. The back is stretched again, the abdomen tensed.

3. Plank – You can last as long as possible – a plank or board seems simple at first glance. In fact, it’s a challenging exercise that will strengthen your pecs, arms, back, abs, legs, and hips. With this exercise you simply strengthen the whole body. In the beginning, you can only hold the plank for a few seconds. Don’t worry, you can gradually increase this time to just a few minutes with practice. Put yourself in the position you have for classic push-ups, elbows at shoulder level, slightly bent, back straight, abdomen tucked in. Look down at the floor – neck and head at the same level as your back and hold it steady.

4. Stretching – 2 reps of 30x – you will need weights for this exercise. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can take water bottles with you, for example. Lie on the floor, raise your arms with weights and slowly straighten them. Make sure your hands are always above chest height. It is better to move more slowly, but more evenly.

5. Squeeze an object – pillows or balls – two repetitions of 30x – stand or sit, straighten your back. Place a ball (or a folded pillow) between your palms. Place your palms at chest level. Squeeze the object as hard as possible and at a frequency of about 1x per second. You can also do this exercise without an object between your palms. All you have to do is your palms


They connect and press against each other for at least 30 seconds. Then relax your hands for a moment. Repeat at least 20 times in a row.

And it may surprise you, but swimming is also very effective for training the chest – specifically the “chest style” of course. If you have a swimming pool nearby or spend a lot of time by the sea or in pools during the summer, incorporate swimming into your regular exercise routine. An ideal hour 2-3 times a week. They not only strengthen the chest muscles, but the whole body. In addition, swimming is very easy on the joints, so that complaints that sometimes await you with normal physical activity are avoided.

How do I know I’m training properly?

The basis is regularity. Make exercise a ritual. it’s your time Get nice sportswear and, most importantly, a sports bra. Without them, exercise is uncomfortable and impractical in many ways. Put on your gym clothes at regular times and start exercising. You can do chest exercises every day, ideally at least 2-3 times a week. Always try to follow the correct execution of the exercises as closely as possible.

After two weeks you should see the first results. There is an initial strengthening of the skin and chest muscles. We believe this will be a result that will motivate you enough to incorporate chest exercises into your regular and preferred routine.

Come on now For example, by choosing a high-quality sports bra from Kallys.




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