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5 tips to start the journey to a healthy lifestyle

Today there are many guaranteed promises of what we should and should not do for a healthy lifestyle. But instead of the expected help, we find ourselves caught in a tornado of conflicting opinions that turns losing weight into a mess full of pointless rituals. Should we eat bread or not? Is it worth restricting attachments? Should we just do cardio or does walking make sense too? Don’t complicate your life. A healthy lifestyle can start easily and we have 5 tips you should know.

  1. Know your basal metabolic rate and calorie intake

Anywhere whenever we start and the truth is that a healthy diet accounts for up to 70% of success in weight loss processes. However, it can be confusing. In the beginning, make sure you focus on consuming high quality and minimally processed ingredients. Quantity is important too. Meet at a fitness center or with a nutritionist. You will learn the content of fat and muscle tissue and find out how much you should eat. No household scale can provide you with this important information.

  1. Get moving

In the beginning it doesn’t matter how. Go for a walk, jump rope, relax with a dance. If you struggle with motivation, create the right habit. Always train at the same time. You will make the habit automatically if you always prepare your workout clothes. The clothes themselves can become a great motivator if you reach for models that you really like.

  1. Pay attention to an adequate drinking regime

Many beginners struggle with drinking. Take water and unsweetened herbal tea. Just place a full tall glass of water on the table and drink whenever you see it. Two liters a day is the basis.

  1. Sleep in beauty

Sleep is an often underestimated aspect of a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that insufficient sleep is to blame for excessive sweet cravings. Treat yourself to healthy sleep that lasts at least 7 hours. At least two hours before bedtime, turn off all devices and relax with a good book.

  1. Stop banning food

No fried food. No sweets. no chocolate Do you know the previous sentences? Banning food has an important effect – we crave it even more, and that leads to overeating. Don’t think about what you can throw away. Focus on new foods to try. Add skyr, eggs, veggies, fruit and quality fish and see the wonders it will do.

A healthy lifestyle and weight loss can bring you more than just pounds lost. Try our 5 steps and then you can push your efforts a little higher. But you can’t do it without the right basics.




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